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Career Prospects

This BEng(IELM) programme is designed to transform aspiring young men and women into professionals who can design, manage and operate industrial and service systems. Graduates of this programme can expect interesting, challenging, and rewarding careers. As Hong Kong has evolved from manufacturing success through a logistics hub into an era of innovation and technology intensive service centre, companies are becoming more agile, flexible, and highly adaptive to global competition. Graduates are therefore trained to become professionals and leaders of the future, and to assume crucial roles by being able to deploy human and technical resources in designing new industrial and service systems.

Graduates from BEng(IELM) will enjoy career opportunities of great breadth and depth, and will assume important responsibilities. Graduates will be excellent assets to e-commerce organisations, manufacturing corporations, consultancy firms, communication companies, public utility organisations, service providers such as banks and mass entertainment corporations, and materials handling centers such as airport and railway corporations and container terminals. Graduates will also be equipped with the competence and confidence to contribute to the operation of the international airport, the continued expansion of the container terminals and their infrastructure, and the development of e-commerce services.

Typical Job Titles

  • Business Analyst
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Logistic Engineer
  • Management Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Planning Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Supply-Chain Manager

Representative Employers

To have a glimpse of our alumni portfolio, please refer to