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Career Prospects

With the strong demand for graduates with multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills in both the technical and non-technical fields by various sectors of the society, students of the BEng in Engineering Science programme will have a better edge in their career pursuit after graduation with their broadened horizons and broad-based training, and be better prepared to embark on challenging careers in the competitive global environment, in the sectors of engineering, business, education or the government.

Graduates of this programme are also well-equipped for pursuing further studies for postgraduate degrees in different disciplines.


Possible careers

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineers, Research Engineers

Computing & Data Analytics

Financial Analysts, Financial Engineers

Energy Engineering

Engineers in Power and Electricity Company, Mass Transportation Corporation, Civil Service

Environmental Engineering

Engineering Consultants, Scientific Officers, Civil Service

Materials Engineering

Materials Engineers, Research Engineers

Systems Analytics

Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Industrial and Systems Engineers 

More Examples of Possible Career Paths