Dr. T. N. Wong ¤ý ¼w «n

M.Sc., Ph.D. (Aston)
Chartered Engineer, M.I.Mfg.E., Senior Member - SME, Senior Member - Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
Associate Professor
Tel : (+852) 2859 7055   Fax : (+852) 2858 6535    Email : tnwong@hku.hk

Dr. Wong is an industrial engineer with practical working experience in the manufacturing industries. His teaching and research activities are concerned with the various aspects of computer applications in design, manufacturing and supply chain management

Research Interests : CAD/CAM, Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP), Agent-Based Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management,  AI Applications in Logistics and Manufacturing, Virtual Enterprises


Computer Integrated Manufacturing        Integrative Studies         Fundamentals of Engineering Design

Some Recent Publications

¡P        X.H. Wang, T.N. Wong, G. Wang, ¡§An Ontological Intelligent Agent Platform to Establish an Ecological Virtual Enterprise¡¨, Expert Systems with Applications, 2012, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.eswa.2012.01.042

¡P        G. Wang, T.N. Wong, C.X. Yu, ¡§A computational model for multi-agent E-commerce negotiations with adaptive negotiation behaviors¡¨, Journal of Computational Science

¡P        X.H. Wang, T.N. Wong and G.Wang, ¡§Service-oriented architecture for ontologies supporting MAS negotiations in VE¡¨.  Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing.

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