New Year Party 2017

2016 Forum for Industrial Engineering Postgraduates and Scholars 2016 Forum for Industrial Engineering Postgraduates and Scholars

The 2017 New Year Party (IEPGA 3th New Year Party) for IELM was held by IEPGA on 7th January, 2017 at Haking Wong Building, HKU, which provides a platform for Members Postgraduates, Scholars and Alumni gathering together to communicate with each other and celebrate the New Year’s Eve.

A semester has passed, many students are also not familiar with each other, and this event is designed to invite participants to play games with more communication. In addition, AIA shared the job market in Hong Kong with classmates and provide some volunteer program opportunities. The job fair provided a platform for IELM MSc students to deeply understand the company and insurance industry and have the opportunities of finding satisfactory jobs.

Classmates all have fun in this activity, communications and interactions are also enhanced among them. It also enhances their belongings to HKU IEPGA.

The IEPGA was established in 2013 to serve as a bridge between the Association members, authoritative bodies, and external parties to enrich the study and career of the members in the industry.
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