2016 Forum for Industrial Engineering Postgraduates and Scholars 2016 Forum for Industrial Engineering Postgraduates and Scholars

2016 Forum for Industrial Engineering Postgraduates and Scholars was held from 14:00 to18:00pm on 19 Nov, 2016 in the University of Hong Kong. The event started with the welcoming speech of the ex-president of IEPGA, Lin Peng.

Mr. Luo Jun, the chief scientist from lenovo, shared his knowledge and experience with the students in IELM and the title of his speech was “Big data mining in mobile and manufacturing industry”.

Wang Yong, from Alibaba group, introduced the relevant business in detail and fundamental technology to the audience. Then, Mr.Isaac Law, from ASM Pacific gave the speech of the application of the big data in ASM.

At last, Mr. Tan Jianxiang, from OpsKitchen, shared “Principle & practice of big data on the cloud” with the students and Mr. Chen Guoqing, from Tencent Wechat business department, introduced the application of machine learning in recommendation system.

Through excellent speeches of the guests and closer communication, the students understood the present situations of a wide range of industries and the relevant employment direction, and knew more like-minded partners. And also got more opportunities, benefiting much from the forum. This event received the consistent high praise and had a far-reaching influence.

The impacts of this event are as the followings: providing a platform for idea exchange among students, the outside business and association in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management field on the challenges, policy implications and opportunities in global supply chain, discussing the new technologies and innovative ideas in changing the challenges to opportunities and cultivating creative and innovative youth engineering leaders.

The IEPGA was established in 2013 to serve as a bridge between the Association members, authoritative bodies, and external parties to enrich the study and career of the members in the industry.
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