IEPGA Executive Committee

IEPGA Executive Committee Session 2014-2015

Executive Council: Chairperson: Guo Jingya
Vice-Chairperson (Internal): Lin Peng
Vice-Chairperson (External): Tan Xiaoshuang
General Secretariat: Secretary-General: Yu Ying
Deputy Secretary-General: Zhao Yuchen (Rean)
Deputy Secretary-General: Wu Junjie (Trevor)
Financial Affairs: Financial Secretary: Shi Wen
Internal Affairs: Internal Secretary: Li Ming
Internal Affairs Vice-secretary Zhu Lin
External Affairs: External Secretary: Chen Jie
Vice External Secretary: Yu Xin
Publication & Publicity: Publication & Publicity Secretary: Zhou Danhui
Vice Publication & Publicity Secretary: Zhu Xinyao
Academic Affairs: Academic Affairs Secretary: Liu Zhaowan
Academic Affairs Vice-Secretary: Cao Qilai
Academic Affairs Vice-Secretary: Wu Chenxi
The IEPGA was established in 2013 to serve as a bridge between the Association members, authoritative bodies, and external parties to enrich the study and career of the members in the industry.
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